{Outfit} This Is The Time

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

{Blazer: Madewell old | Tee: Nordstrom similar| Jeans: Rag and Bone | Soles: Christian Louboutin similar| Bag: Chanel}

Can you believe tomorrow is already Thanksgiving?! For me it's the official start of the holidays and the countdown to the end of the year. This time of year is also the time when everyone is typically more gracious, kind, and thankful. Really it would be great if this was happening all year round but we easily get so caught up in our daily lives that it's hard to stop and appreciate the people and things around us. And speaking of being thankful, I just want to thank you for stopping by my little space on the Interweb. I'm planning on taking an extended break from the blog during the holidays. However, you can still find me on Instagram, sharing bits of life along with what I'm wearing and of course, my many trips to get coffee :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday season spending it however makes you happy.


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{Love Music} Good Charlotte

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I haven't really been too excited about any new bands in awhile and that's okay. Even more so okay, when bands that I love decide to come back together to start making music again. Case in point with Good Charlotte. I talked about the front men brothers going off and doing their own thing here. Now they have gone back to their roots & reunited to release Makeshift Love. I can't help it but the song sounds remiscnent of their Good Charlotte roots and that makes me happy. Very happy. As a fan from the beginning, this reunion makes me excited and elated. I will be hitting the refresh button & constantly checking Twitter for their tour announcement. They put on one hell of show and if you get a chance to seem them in DC (they hail from Maryland) the show is even more electric because they are essentially home. I can already feel the butterflies in my stomach as I envision them hitting the stage. 

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{Manic-ure Monday} Chanel Troublante

Monday, November 23, 2015

Well, this is it...the official end to this year's declaration of going through all my Chanel polishes and ensuring each one gets worn. So here we are 46 bottles later - it would've ended two weeks ago but there were two weeks this year I didn't post a manicure #whoops It feels kind of nice to know that each bottle got some love this year. Now onto this amazing color. When it comes to metallic nail colors Chanel always kills it. Their consistency of their metallic formulas are so easy to apply and the colors are a perfect match, if not better than the bottle. In any given angle and light, this color varies from pink, purple, gold, and copper. Talk about a chameleon of a color. This is partly why I keep coming back to Chanel, they nail it (pun intended) when it comes to polishes.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend & thanks so much for stopping by.

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